About Us

Great Lakes Educational Group believes that students should be prepared to meet their current educational needs as well as future challenges. Great Lakes Educational Group, formerly Step Ahead Learning Center, was founded in 2000, and is a resource for parents and students, kindergarten through 12th grade, focusing on the learning and logic skills required for kids and young adults to perform well in school, and, ultimately, reach their potential.

Great Lakes Educational Group has evolved to meet the ever-changing educational demands students face. Originally offering tutoring programs for individuals and small groups in the areas of homework assistance, ACT and SAT preparation, reading, writing, math, science, social sciences, and study skills and organization, Great Lakes Educational Group has grown to include academic enrichment classes and science camps to students of all ages.

When a student attends Great Lakes Educational Group, learning goals are developed based around the student's specific strengths and weaknesses. Once the student's learning goals are created, the team of highly qualified tutors develop a specific program to meet the student's goals. Great Lakes Educational Group's team of compassionate tutors make student success a first priority.

Great Lakes Educational Group is a member of the Education Industry Association, an organization the promotes increased public support for the education industry to improve education. The Education Industry Association and Great Lakes Educational Group share a common focus: expanding opportunity and performance for all students.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a positive learning experience for all students that will allow them to excel socially, emotionally and academically within all aspects of their education.  Students' social, emotional and academic needs are assessed and then used to design learning goals that the academic tutor uses to guide instruction.  It is our goal that all students become independent learners and are successful in the academic world.